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ICAO EXAM WITH ICAO4U – just like it sounds, we made it for you

Prepare for ICAO Language Proficiency Test

The ICAO Language Proficiency Test Exercise App, meticulously designed by the ICAO4U Company, is consistently up to date, ensuring that learners receive the latest information to help them excel in the ICAO language proficiency test.

This state-of-the-art application comes with cross-device compatibility, running seamlessly on both desktop and smartphones, granting unparalleled accessibility and convenience for users.

By utilizing our meticulously curated content, users can immerse themselves in a comprehensive learning experience to hone their skills, ultimately achieving their desired level of language proficiency and confidently passing the ICAO language test.

We helped them pass ICAO Language Proficiency Test

We helped them pass ICAO Language Proficiency Test



I recommend the ICAO4U service. Truly reliable and trustworthy.



Online course is purely content based and very well prepared. It thoroughly prepares to the test proper. The exam itself run by Szymon professionally and carried out in the approachable manner. The whole contact with ICAO4U.PL second to none. I needed the scan of the original certificate 10 months after the test. I got it within a few minutes after sending the enquiry. I will definitely use the service again when my certificate expires. I do recommend the ICAO4U service. Kuba.



The preparatory course includes a lot of material and it perfectly preparaes to the test proper. The exam is carried out in a friendly and approachable manner and the certificate arrives shortly after the test. I do recommend.

ICAO4U – just like it sounds, we made it for you

learn on the go and prepare for icao official exam

95% is our level of success measured in positive ICAO exam results of ICAO4U app users.

mobile and desktop

ICAO4U.Online app is accessible both on mobile and desktop. You can continuously learn on both devices.

Learn on the go and learn while at home.

ICAO exam simulation

Try and learn from our exam simulation. We prepared simulation so you can check how it looks and prepare without any stress.

Our main goal is your low stress level.

ICAO EXAM exercises

Exercises are structured same as official exam structure. So you can learn what you really need to pass the exam.

Get a free demo version and decide later

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