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ICAO4U – aviation language Medical Emergency! Levels 4/5/6.

Medical Emergency! Levels 4/5/6.



  • show symptoms / display symptoms 
  • stroke/ heart attack / chest pains
  • do / make / perform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) 

The passenger has had a stroke, so we request medical services on arrival.
We are asking if there is any medical personnel on board as we seem to have the passenger with the heart attack. His wife reports that he has had cardiovascular problems for years. The doctor is performing CPR.

  • (acute) allergic reaction to … 

We are having the passenger with acute allergic reaction.
The underage passenger is allergic to the food he has eaten but he doesn’t have any medicaments.

  • diarrhe
  • vomiting 
  •  soaring temperature
  • rash 
  • cough/ coughing 

We have the clear case of food poisoning: some passengers are suffering from diarrhea. We have a few cases of vomiting. Some passengers’ temperature is soaring!

  • unconscious 
  •  treat the passenger

The child is unconscious so we need to divert immediately. Cabin crew is not able to treat the passenger by themselves on board.

  • breathing problems
  •  respiratory problems

The intoxicated passenger that I reported to you before is having problems breathing.

  • pregnant passenger
  •  pregnancy
  •  labor

We are worried about the pregnant passenger. We think the labor might have started.

  • nervous breakdown / panic 

We have the passenger with the nervous breakdown. His companion says he is very apprehensive about flying.


  • cardiovascular system
  • digestive system
  • respiratory system
  • nervous system


  • get hurt
  • twisted ankle
  • fractured elbow
  • bleeding
  • bruises
  • internal haemorraghe

As a result of the severe turbulence some passengers fell and got hurt. We have the cases of twisted ankles, wrists and fractured elbows and knees, some bleeding and minor bruises as well. One passenger hurt his stomach and the doctor that we have on board suspects internal hemorraghe.


We need the ambulance to take the passenger to the specialized clinic.
We don’t have any medical personnel to help us with the sick passenger..

  • overall condition

If the passenger’s overall condition doesn’t get better in the next couple of minutes we will need medical services on arrival, directly on the runway.

  • sedative
  • painkiller

The passenger has taken some sedative and the painkiller and is feeling better right now. We are continuing our course. We will inform you should the need be.