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We helped them pass ICAO English Language Proficiency Test


ICAO4U English Language Proficiency Test verifies the effectiveness of your English language communication in aviation context. It checks your vocabulary, fluency, responsiveness, communication and grammar skills, pronunciation. In line with ICAO requirements, it does not test the knowledge of procedures.

Who may take the exam?

It is addressed to professional pilots, private pilots, student pilots. 

Is it necessary to know the air traffic procedures to take the exam?

No, it isn’t. ICAO4U English Language Proficiency Test verifies competence to use English language correctly and flexibly in aviation context, in case of unexpected situations, incidents and emergency situations, etc.

How often do you hold exam sessions?

On a daily basis, a few times a week. You will find available dates in “BOOK EXAM”. 

Is the exam held 1/1?

Yes, one examiner/one candidate online. You take the exam on your smartphone.

How many part does the exam consist of?

Three parts: introductory conversation, listening skills test, describing the photographs and answering questions about the photographs. 

How long is the exam?

It takes 25-30 minutes.

How long will I wait for exam result?

You will get the test result immediately, and the certificate will land in your e-mail box on the same day. 

Is the ICAO4U English Language Proficiency Test recognized by CAA in Europe?

Yes, it is. According to EASA regulations: ICAO Level 4 (4 years) , ICAO Level 5 (5 years), ICAO Level 6 (for life). 


Our Customers say


Student pilot

The preparatory course includes a lot of material and it perfectly preparaes to the test proper. The exam is carried out in a friendly and approachable manner and the certificate arrives shortly after the test. I do recommend.


Student pilot

Online course is purely content based and very well prepared. It thoroughly prepares to the test proper. The exam itself run by Szymon professionally and carried out in the approachable manner. The whole contact with ICAO4U.PL second to none. I needed the scan of the original certificate 10 months after the test. I got it within a few minutes after sending the enquiry. I will definitely use the service again when my certificate expires. I do recommend the ICAO4U service. Kuba.

We are Certified!

Effective and efficient communication in aviation is the indispensable condition of safety.

The ICAO English Language Proficiency Test service provided by ICAO4U Company is dedicated to ensure effective and efficient communication within the aviation industry. This forms an indispensable condition for the safety of both passengers and crew members.

The company’s primary mission is to develop and maintain communication standards that adhere to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) guidelines, which play a crucial role in establishing a safe and efficient global aviation network.

By offering comprehensive language proficiency testing and training, ICAO4U helps pilots, air traffic controllers, and other aviation professionals achieve the required levels of linguistic competence, thereby reducing the risk of miscommunication and ultimately promoting a higher level of safety within the industry.


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95% is our level of success measured in positive ICAO English Language Proficiency Test results of ICAO4U app users.

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