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ICAO Language Proficiency Test
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ICAO Language Proficiency Test Exercise APP

You can book ICAO Language Proficiency Test at this point or prepare with ICAO4U Exercise app.

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for only 212€

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We helped them pass ICAO Language Proficiency Test

We helped them pass ICAO Language Proficiency Test

Our Customers say



The preparatory course includes a lot of material and it perfectly preparaes to the test proper. The exam is carried out in a friendly and approachable manner and the certificate arrives shortly after the test. I do recommend.



Online course is purely content based and very well prepared. It thoroughly prepares to the test proper. The exam itself run by Szymon professionally and carried out in the approachable manner. The whole contact with ICAO4U.PL second to none. I needed the scan of the original certificate 10 months after the test. I got it within a few minutes after sending the enquiry. I will definitely use the service again when my certificate expires. I do recommend the ICAO4U service. Kuba.

We are Certified!

Effective and efficient communication in aviation is the indispensable condition of safety.

The ICAO Language Proficiency Test service provided by ICAO4U Company is dedicated to ensure effective and efficient communication within the aviation industry. This forms an indispensable condition for the safety of both passengers and crew members.

The company’s primary mission is to develop and maintain communication standards that adhere to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) guidelines, which play a crucial role in establishing a safe and efficient global aviation network.

By offering comprehensive language proficiency testing and training, ICAO4U helps pilots, air traffic controllers, and other aviation professionals achieve the required levels of linguistic competence, thereby reducing the risk of miscommunication and ultimately promoting a higher level of safety within the industry.


USE ICAO Language Proficiency Test Exercise App

95% is our level of success measured in positive ICAO Language Proficiency Test results of ICAO4U app users.

ICAO EXAM WITH ICAO4U – just like it sounds, we made it for you

Prepare for ICAO Language Proficiency Test

The ICAO Language Proficiency Test Exercise App, meticulously designed by the ICAO4U Company, is consistently up to date, ensuring that learners receive the latest information to help them excel in the ICAO language proficiency test.

This state-of-the-art application comes with cross-device compatibility, running seamlessly on both desktop and smartphones, granting unparalleled accessibility and convenience for users.

By utilizing our meticulously curated content, users can immerse themselves in a comprehensive learning experience to hone their skills, ultimately achieving their desired level of language proficiency and confidently passing the ICAO language test.

mobile and desktop

With ICAO4U, you can learn anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re on your commute or at home, you can access high-quality content and lessons that will help you improve your English skills.

ICAO4U is perfect for busy people who want to make the most of their time and learn at their own pace.

ICAO exam simulation

Perfect way to learn and prepare for your upcoming exam. Our exam simulation is designed to help you understand what to expect on the exam.

With our simulation, you can check how the exam looks and feels, so that you can be as prepared as possible. Our main goal is to help you reduce your stress levels, so that you can ace the exam with confidence.

ICAO EXAM exercises

ICAO4U offers exercises that are structured the same as the official exam structure, allowing you to learn what you need to know in order to pass the ICAO English Exam.

With questions and answer explanations written in a professional tone, ICAO4U is an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their language skills for aviation purposes. Try it today!

ICAO4U – just like it sounds, we made it for you

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All you need is just your phone

Our main goal is to make it simple for pilots. There is no need to travel just for exam. Choose date, book, pay and wait for your turn. We will contact you to check all technical aspects and make sure that everything is “loud and clear”.

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English language communication which observes strictly the standards recognized by ICAO and EASA ensures communication comfort and situational awareness of pilots and all aviation personnel.

develop and build aviation communication skills

It is the mission of ICAO4U to constantly develop and build aviation communication skills in the English language among the pilots performing flights in the skies supervised by EASA.

fluently, confidently, correctly

Our goal is to make sure that in 2030 all aviation personnel performing their duties in Europe will communicate in English fluently, confidently, correctly and understandably.

Universal application of one uniformed and recognized communication standard constitutes the opportunity for mutual understanding both en-route and during the performance of aerodrome operations. This results in:

mutual understanding and support

prevention and avoidance of dangerous situations

traffic fluency

development and update of piloting competence

international trainings participation

exchange of opinions and knowledge…

… and last but not least,  in making great friendships.

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