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Is the result of ICAO4U English Language Proficiency Assessment honored by Civil Aviation Authority in Poland?

Yes. It is based on certificate of passing the test with the result of ICAO Level 4 (license for 4 years), ICAO Level 5 (license for 5 years), ICAO Level 6 (license for an unlimited period).

Can professional pilots and ATC’s take the ICAO exam or only private pilots can do that?

The ICAO exam is adressed to both professional and private pilots, student pilots and ATCs.

How often is the ICAO exam organised?

You can check it using the tab “BOOK EXAM”.

Do you provide any materials to the ICAO exam?

Yes. On our site you can find materials which will prepare you to the ICAO exam.

How long will I wait for the result of ICAO exam?

You receive the ICAO certificate immediately.

Is knowledge of flight prodecures necessary to pass the ICAO exam?

No, ICAO4U English Language Proficiency Assessment is not the test which is based on procedures. According to the ICAO and EASA guidelines the test verifies the candidate’s communication skills and flexibility, the correctness of English language according to the aviation, emergencies, aviation development prospects, etc.

How long does the ICAO exam session take?

About 30 minutes.

How many parts does the ICAO exam consist of?

Three. The first one is a conversation on general topics, i.e. your role in aviation. The second one is listening comprehension. The last one is photograph description stage and coversation based on them.

Do I have time to prepare the answers? Can I take notes?

There is no time to prepare answers. In the listening section you may take some notes.

Can you submit documents on my behalf to the Civil Aviation Authority?

Of course! For more details, please contact us.

What contain materials which are preparing to the ICAO exam?

The exercises reflect the construction of the test but they DO NOT feature the actual test questions. They are divided into three parts: speaking, listening and describing. For each module, you can find helpful words and sample answers. The exercises also include simulation of the official ICAO exam.

Can I take the ICAO exam on laptop?

No. The test can be entered only using the smartphone or ipad.

How the assessment looks like?

The assessment system according to the ICAO and EASA requirements, according to 6 assessment criteria. The documents state that the lowest -sub-grade is the final test grade.

Should I have the headset during the ICAO exam?

The headset is required.

What if I lose the internet connection during the ICAO exam?

It is the candidate’s obligation to ensure the high level of internet connection. If you lose the connection during the ICAO exam, you have 1 minute to return. Otherwise, the test will be cancelled and the new date will be set.

Can I postpone my ICAO exam?

Of course! You can change the date of your ICAO exam until 48 hours prior to the test. If this is the case, please contact us.

ICAO4U Exercise App Account Deletion

In case you want to delete your Exercise APP Account, please inform us at [email protected] with subject “Account deletion” or use in app button “DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT” under sidebar menu.