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ICAO4U – aviation language Accident Report.

Accident Report.

National Transportation Security Board:

  • make an approach 
  • airfield 
  • make contact with the surface 

According to the pilot of the tailwheel-equipped American Legend AL11C-100, he made an approach to his private airfield in Las Animas, Colorado, after several days of rain showers. He reported that as the main wheels made contact with the surface, the plane immediately nosed over.

  • following the accident
  • runway was water saturated and muddy
  • rudder 

The photograph taken following the accident showed the runway was water saturated and muddy. The airplane sustained substantial damage to the wings’ lift struts and the rudder.

  • probable cause 
  • selection of unsuitable terrain for landing 

Probable cause: The pilot’s selection of unsuitable terrain for landing, resulting in a nose overInspired by: