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ICAO4U – aviation language Air Ambulance Helicopter Crash Report.

Air Ambulance Helicopter Crash Report.

  • forested terrain 
  • indicate , indication

On January 29, 2019, a single-engine, turbine-powered Bell 407 helicopter operated as a helicopter air ambulance (HAA) flight, collided with forested terrain about 4 miles northeast of Zaleski, Ohio. The certificated commercial pilot, flight nurse, and flight paramedic died, and the helicopter was destroyed. Night visual meteorological conditions existed at the departure location, but available weather information indicated that snow showers and areas of instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) existed along the route of flight.

  • inadequate safety maintenance 
  • noncompliance with … 
  • risk analysis procedures 
  • comprehensive
  • weather evaluation
  • inadvertent encounter with …
  • maintain altitude
  • subsequent collision 

Probable Cause of this accident was Survival Flight’s inadequate safety maintenance  which normalized pilots’ and operations control specialists’ noncompliance with risk analysis procedures and resulted in the initiation of the flight without a comprehensive preflight weather evaluation, leading to the pilot’s inadvertent encounter with instrument meteorological conditions, failure to maintain altitude, and subsequent collision with terrain.

Watch the FILM

  • 0:08′ inaccessible places 
  • 0:46′ unrecognizable
  • 1:15′ well-experienced pilots 
  • 1:31′ receive routine maintenance
  • 3:04′ ensure there are no safety concerns 
  • 3:20′ retrieve 
  • 3:22′ debris

Inspired by National Transportation Safety Board analysis