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ICAO4U – aviation language Benefit: natural contexts, straight to the ICAO exam

Benefit: natural contexts, straight to the ICAO exam

‘Benefit’  as a verb

  1. Aviation and pilots have largely benefitted from the development of digital technology.
  2. Many businessmen benefit from holding PPLs by significantly cutting down the time dedicated to business travels.
  3. I personally benefitted from becoming a pilot by raising the level of my self-confidence and learning new skills and competence.

‘Benefit’ as a noun!

  1. There are many benefits of constructing airports outside cities: reduction of noise pollution and dedicating large sites to business or residential building development.

‘Benefit’ in useful phrases
derive benefit from …
The pilots derive a lot of benefit by upgrading their competence when the participate in professional training.
‘Benefits’  as additional renumeration: benefits for pilots   :
Most pilots, particularly those working for commercial airlines, receive a set of benefits including health, life, vision and dental insurance, as well as a retirement plan.