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ICAO4U – aviation language Fire Emergency at Liege Airport: Level 4

Fire Emergency at Liege Airport: Level 4

  • a massive fire broke out 
  • contain the fire 
  • halt operations 
  • damage to aircraft 

A massive fire broke out at Liege Airport, Belgium, in the hangar of the Aeroservices company. The blaze took approximately two hours to contain. Flight operations to and from the airport were halted for a short time. There have been no reports of damage to aircraft or injuries to personnel from the fire.

  • get the fire under control
  • harmful fumes
  • resume flights 

Fire services from both the airport and the city of Liege attended the scene and managed to get the fire under control within several hours. The airport confirmed that no people had been hurt in the fire. The blaze, which could be seen from the motorway, did not generate any harmful fumes, and the hotel near the airport did not have to be evacuated. The smoke caused some problems for landing aircraft. Three planes were diverted, including an ASL Airlines Belgium flight from Berlin and a Bluebird Nordic Boeing 737-400 that departed from Vienna. Both flights were able to land safely at Brussels Airport. Flights resumed soon after the fire services had the situation under control