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ICAO4U – aviation language ICAO 4: Terrorist Threat

ICAO 4: Terrorist Threat

  • strict screening of passengers will stay in place
  • prevent a plot
  • poisonous gas
  • prompt

Stricter screening of passengers and luggage at Australian airports will stay in place  after police prevented a plot to bring down a plane, which local media said may have involved a bomb or poisonous gas. The plot to down an aircraft could prompt longer-term changes.

  • security settings
  • for an enduring period

The security measures at the airports will be in place for as long as it is believe  they need to be, so it may go on for some time yet. The security settings at the airports, in particular domestic airports, need to remain tight for an enduring period.

  • heightened security
  • experienced longer-than-usual queues

The passengers are advised to arrive at airports three hours before international flights and two hours for domestic flights in order to clear the heightened security. Passengers at major Australian airports, including Sydney, experienced longer-than-usual queues during the busy Monday morning travel period.Counter-terrorism police have conducted several recent raids