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ICAO4U – aviation language Is this the Future ;) … ?

Is this the Future ;) … ?

  • cutting edge technology 
  • questions remain 

Aerospace has several cutting edge technology topics that tend to appear every now and then to astonish us with a dose of  futurism.

commercial space tourism is about to start happening.

Supersonic commercial aircraft are on the verge of becoming a reality again.

And what about flying cars? Turns out, a lot of optimism can be found there, but even more questions remain.

  • in various stages of developing
  • certify designs
  • out of reach

There are over 100 companies in various stages of developing, testing and certifying their designs for a flying car.  And it seems this new kind of transportation will not be out of reach for an average consumer. The cheapest flying car in development, Samson Switchblade, is advertised to cost $120,000 a bit cheaper than your average used Cessna 172.

  • approachable
  • in the process of building prototypes 
  • pass the stage 

The cost of using such a vehicle on a sharing basis is also approachable for an average citizen, as Uber’s Elevate flying taxi service is expected to cost $5.73 per mile, just a bit more than a London taxi. Furthermore,  several active flying car companies are currently in the process of building their prototypes, and a few have passed that stage and started flight testing.

  • bite off the market 

According to some estimation, the flying car market would reach over $1.5 trillion by 2040, biting off parts of road, aircraft and public transportation markets.

  • deliver an affordable flying car 
  • attract investors 

On the darker side though, the last decade saw a wave  of new and exciting companies that have promised to deliver an affordable flying car by whatever date has already passed.  Startups are built on attracting investors with exciting promises, therefore they are naturally inclined to make their 3D designs prettier, deadlines closer and prices smaller…

  • 1:02′ carry a single passenger
  • 1:41′ impact on …
  • 1:45′ pioneering technology
  • 2:08′ merger between … 
  • 2:36′ remote regions of the world
  • 4:14′ low maintenance costs 


Inspired by ‘Study of Flying Cars both Bright and Murky Future’,