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ICAO4U – aviation language ‘Drone Disruptions’: Levels 5/6.

‘Drone Disruptions’: Levels 5/6.


  • temporary disruption
  • unauthorised activities

Operations at Singapore Changi  airport were temporarily disrupted on 24 June due to unauthorised drone activities and bad weather.

  • precautionary measure

As a precautionary measure, arrival and departure flights were carefully regulated for short periods between 20:07 and 21:07 local time, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) said on 25 June.In total, about 15 departures and three arrivals were delayed, and seven flights were diverted.

  • take a serious view of … 
  • errant operations 
  • unmanned aircraft
  • pose threat to …  
  • endanger safety 
  • take law enforcement actions
  • contravene regulations

“Members of the public are reminded that the authorities take a serious view of errant operations of unmanned aircraft which may pose threats to aviation or endanger the personal safety of others, and will not hesitate to take enforcement action against those who contravene regulations,” CAAS says, adding that investigations into the latest event are ongoing.

  • sighting
  • cause disruptions
  • suspend operations

It is the second time that drone sightings near the airport have caused disruption at the Southeast Asian hub within a week. On 18 June it was forced to suspend operations from one of its two runways between 23:00 local time and 09:00 the following morning.


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