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ICAO4U – aviation language London/ New York in 3 Hours NOW … New York/Shanghai in 39 minutes SOON!

London/ New York in 3 Hours NOW … New York/Shanghai in 39 minutes SOON!

SpaceX rockets will take off and land offshore.

subjected to …
The passengers may be subjected to a number of stimulations causing discomfort.

confront the issues
SpaceX will have to confront a lot of issues before it can successfully launch the passenger rocket programme.

Full text:

It was actually thought that after exciting news about the launch  of supersonic intercontinental passenger airplane which will follow the footsteps of the legendary Concorde, a long time would pass before anybody could beat it. But Elon Musk and SpaceX have just announced the vision of the passengers boarding the rocket (!) offshore  the east coast of the United States and being safely taken to the  most remote destinations… i.e. Shanghai… This is the SpaceX long-term plan  presented  in Australia. The rocket-based transportation system will connect major cities around the globe in approximately  30 minutes as the rockets’ route will run through the outer layers of the atmosphere.

Of course,  there is a number of issues to confront : weightlessness , intense gravitational forces. The maximum speed of 16 700 miles per hour is a challenge by itself . The supersonic transportation experts claim however that the journey would be very uncomfortable to the passengers subjected to2 or 3 G Forces which actually means 2 or 3 times body weight. Well, not everybody can take it.

There are also other body sensations which most of us wouldn’t be able to bear… like motion sickness when even a short look outside the window screens could cause severe headaches and sickness. The economy factor is questionable  as well… Concorde used three times more fuel than Boeing 747 … so how much a 100-meter-long rocket would consume…?

The fact that we use rockets to transport the crew and supplies to the space stations is due to the fact that we have no other options available.  Also, the flight may be quick…but what about the transportation of the passengers to the launch site and to the land respectively. All of these could take hours. Overall,  it seems that Concorde project seems much more realistic.

Watch here the interesting film about the new CONCORDE PROJECT: LINK