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ICAO4U – aviation language Pilot’s Attitude: Character Features

Pilot’s Attitude: Character Features

  • a wide array/ range of skills
  • perform operations safely

The pilot must have a wide array/ range of skills to perform operations safely.

  • attentiveness
  • distinguish
  • run high risk

Attentiveness is is one of the features which distinguish a good pilot. If you are not focused you run high risk of causing the accident.

  • acquire

Some people are attentive by nature, others have to acquire this feature by constant practice.
Patience is important, because the pilot needs to train patiently.

  • humble- pokorny
  • modest

The pilot has to be humble and modest: arrogance is the first step to cause dangerous situations both on the ground and en-route.

  • phenomenon- 
  • direct influence on … 
  • cross thin line

There are various weather phenomena which have direct influence on flight safety and performance of the pilot. You really don’t want to cross this thin line which separates safe flying rom taking too much risk.

  • digest information
  •  … is a must

Clear and slow speaking is important because it lets digest information with comfort. Proficiency in English is a must.

  • take proper decisions
  • react instantly / on the spur of the moment
  • over extended time

The pilot has to be able to take proper decisions fast, sometimes he has to react instantly/ on the spur of the moment without the comfort of analyzing many factors over extended time.

  • flexible- elastyczny/ flexibility
  • over-reliance on … 
  • hazardous- niebezpieczny/ hazard

Pilot’s attitude has to be flexible, the pilot needs to be able to adapt to various situations both in- and outside the cockpit. Lack of flexibility and over-reliance on routine may cause hazardous situations.

  • self-confidence
  • rely on … 
  • poor visibility conditions

Self-confidence. You need to rely on your knowledge and experience when instrument failure occurs i.e. in poor visibility conditions.

  • complacency
  • fight fiercely
  • pose challenge

Complacency is what all pilots both private and professional ones should fiercely fight. Always improve and develop your competence for the safety of your passengers and your own. Constant development poses a lot of challenge but is definitely indispensable.