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Registration form submitted

Registration form submitted

  1. Prepare your examination room. Eliminate all sources of any noise which might potentially disturb you during the test and affect your performance. 
  2. Make sure that you take the examination in a decent private place, i.e. the room in your apartment or office. You must not take the examination in a public place like a restaurant, airport terminal, etc. 
  3. Prepare your room for the examination. It is purely for comfort when you are asked to show the room to the examiner (the examiner needs to make sure that you are alone in the room).
  4. Prepare the smartphone which you will use during the examination.
  5. The smartphone must be put in a stable position. You may use a tripod.
  6. Remember to set the screen in the landscape mode.
  7. You will get link via SMS to your exam room. Use it at the time of the scheduled exam.
  8. Connect your headset to the smartphone. Make sure that the headset jacks fit your smartphone. 
  9. Remember to switch on the microphone on the smartphone.
  10. Prepare your ID or passport (the same which you used during the registration!).
  11. Prepare a sheet of paper and a pen for taking notes during the listening section. 
  12. To disable and prevent any phone connections on your smartphone, turn on airplane mode. Make sure that  WI-FI mode is on.
  13. The essential element of comfort during your exam is high level of your internet connection.