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ICAO4U – aviation language The Climate Changes. The Consequences for Aviation.

The Climate Changes. The Consequences for Aviation.


  • lengthen the runway

Many airports will have to lengthen their runways 


  • prevent (from) …

Aviation industry is taking measures to prevent the delays


  • human-induced emissions

There are many industries responsible for much higher human-induced emissions than aviation

Full text:

  • prevent from …
  • result in … 
  • pay damages 
  • it is commonly believed that … 
  • occurrences 

This summer the heatwaves across the Unites States prevented hundreds of airplanes from taking off on time resulting in the financial losses experienced by the airlines and the damages which will have to be paid to the passengers. It is commonly believed that as the world’s temperatures continue to rise, such occurrences  will be more and more frequent.

  • remedy 
  • lengthen runways 
  • reschedule take-offs 
  • not-so-distant future 
  • human-induced emissions 

Of course, the airlines and aircraft producers are already trying to find the remedy: increasing the engine performance, lengthening the runways and rescheduling the take-offs for the cooler parts of the day. The pessimists however, point to the variety of other factors that the industry will have to combat in the not-so-distant future: severe turbulences and even the flooding of the runways due to the rising sea levels. The aviation industry is known to take pro-ecology measures and right now is responsible for only 2% of the human-induced emissions 

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