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ICAO4U – aviation language Within One-Hour Flying Distance… grammar pill

Within One-Hour Flying Distance… grammar pill

Nice phrase for fast and advanced communication of distance to time:

Warsaw is within one-hour flying distance from Szczecin.

Bear in mind that you use singular time reference here, even if it will be 2 or 3 hours, as ‘hour’ becomes adjective here and it does not have pliural ‘-s’ form in English. Thus:

  • London is within three-hour (not: hours) flying distance from Berlin.  

In consequence, when you fly to Lake Garda to do some trekking there:

  • Lake Garda is within three-hour trekking distance from Roveretto.

Or, if you fly to Venice to do some sailing somewhere there:

  • Lido di Jesolo is within two-hour sailing distance from Venice.

Time superiority of aviation over driving is perfectly illustrated here:

  • Barcelona is within two-day driving distance from Berlin- Barcelona is within three-hour flying distance from Berlin.