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ICAO4U – aviation language Airspace Restrictions

Airspace Restrictions

  • departures remained unaffected by the restriction – ograniczenia nie miały wpływu na rozkład odlotów
  • temporary – tymczasowy
  • less than a handful of flights – kilka lotów
  • inconvenience – niewygoda, niedogodność
  • a matter beyond airlines’ control – kwestia poza kontrolą linii lotniczych
  • (under)take security precautions – podjąć środki działania na rzecz bezpieczeństwa
  • due to take place on … – zaplanowany na …
  • … will be in effect – wejdzie w życie, zacznie obowiązywać
  • disruptions and delays – zakłócenia i opóźnienia
  • heightened security measures level- podwyższony poziom podejmowanych środków bezpieczeństwa
  • face rush – mierzyć się z pośpiechem
  • prior to departure – przed odlotem
  • avoid hassle – unikać zgiełku, tłoku
  • reschedule flight – zmienić plan lotu

As a result of the  30-minute airspace restriction for the incoming flights, a handful of aircraft were forced to divert to alternate airports.  However, departures remained unaffected by the restriction.  Most approaching aircraft continued to hold, eventually landing once the airspace was clear.

British Airways statement:

Like other airlines a small number of flights were affected by the temporary air traffic control reduction in the number of aircraft arriving at the airport this morning.  Less than a handful of flights were diverted as a result, and continued to Heathrow shortly afterwards. We apologise to customers for the inconvenience, but this is clearly a matter beyond all airlines’ control.

Security precautions will close New Delhi airspace for 12 hours this week as the Indian Air Force (IAF) practices ahead of Republic Day parades due to take place on Sunday, January 26th.

Airspace over and around Indira Gandhi International Airport (Del) will be closed to private and commercial aircraft for two hours on certain days. The days are January 18, January 20 through 24 and January 26th, 2020.

The no-fly zone will be in effect on those days between10:35 hours and 12:15 hours.Indian carriers Indigo, Vistara, and Spicejet have issued statements to the traveling public advising them to expect disruptions and delays ahead of the Republic Day celebrations.

“Due to heightened security owing to Republic Day, passengers may face rush at the airports. We request all passengers to reach the airport at least three hours prior to departure to avoid any hassle.

International carriers were also asked to reschedule their flights due to the temporary restrictions. Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi is the busiest airport in India and the 12th busiest in the world, with around 1,300 flights per day, including private jets and military aircraft.


IN      March
IN      the 1970s
ON        my birthday
AT      quarter past 7
ON      October 7, 1254
IN      1975
AT      dawn/ dusk
ON      Monday afternoon
AT      Christmas
IN      the morning/ in the afternoon/ in the evening
AT      midnight/ noon
AT       7. 30
ON     Christmas day
AT      night