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ICAO4U – aviation language Aviation Industry: Regional Aviation Business. Levels 4/5/6

Aviation Industry: Regional Aviation Business. Levels 4/5/6

  • critical / fundamental
  • industry 

Regional aviation has never been more critical and fundamental to the global aviation industry.

  • reliable
  • serve the market 
  • obstacle to the prosperity and quality of life

Without it, there is simply no way that passengers could reliably travel to, from or between many of the markets it serves, which would come at a great obstacle to the prosperity and quality of life of millions of people.

  • increasingly connected world 
  • capacity for … 
  • forecast (forecast-forecast-forecast) 
  • skyrocket
  • vital market 

Our increasingly connected world relies on this capacity for real regional connectivity. In the United States, more than 40% of domestic flights serve regional routes—and development across Asia is forecast to skyrocket. It is a vital market which presents real opportunity for the airlines that serve it.

  • at a crossroads
  • uncomfortable, cramped and outdated 
  • struggle to turn a profit on … 

And yet, the regional aviation industry is at a crossroads. For the passengers, regional aircraft are some combination of uncomfortable, cramped and outdated. Meanwhile, airlines struggle to turn a profit on these routes.

  • adjust to current or future needs 
  • improved comfort 
  • better margins 

Today’s products in the sub-100 seat segment aren’t adjusted to  current or future needs.The industry has evolved more quickly than many of us were expecting. Forecasts from just a few years ago have already been surpassed and consolidation among airlines and aerospace companies have left the industry looking much different than it ever has. The industry needs a new vision: improved comfort and better margins without compromise between the two.

WATCH the great report on the regional airlines in the United States. WONDERFUL and CLEAR ENGLISH!

  • 0:55′ it isn’t flown by …
  • 01:16′ affiliated airlines 
  • 01:17′ on behalf of … 
  • 03:01′ collectively serve
  • 04:22′ career development 

 Flying small low demand routes may not generate enough traffic to be profitable.

They outsource to regional airlines who have lower labour costs by hiring less skilled no union staff who are paid less.

Many airline professionals begin their career out of regional carrier to be hired by a partner after gaining experience on the job.

Inspired by Regional Aviation Challenges and Opportunities,