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ICAO4U – aviation language Deliberately/ On Purpose / Purposefully/ Intentionally

Deliberately/ On Purpose / Purposefully/ Intentionally

  • on a sabotage charge – z zarzutem dokonania sabotażu
  • disable navigation system – uszkodzić / odłączyć system nawigacji

An American Airlines mechanic has appeared in federal court on a sabotage charge after being accused of disabling a navigation system before it was scheduled to take off from Miami International Airport (MIA) with 150 people on board, earlier this summer.

deliberately/ purposefully/ on purpose/  intentionally” – umyślnie, z rozmysłem, w sposób zaplanowany

  • deliberately damage 
  • deliberately destroy 
  • deliberately disable

The mechanic, Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani, has been charged with “deliberately damaging, destroying or disabling an aircraft,” according to The Miami Herald.

  • unsuccessful contract negotiations – zakończone bez sukcesu / porażką negocjacje umowy
  • purposefully slow down work causing flight disruptions  – z rozymsłem spowalniac pracę powodując zakłócenia lotów
  • deny allegations – zaprzeczać oskarżeniom

The reason, according to the criminal report, was that Alani was upset due to unsuccessful contract negotiations, between American Airlines and its mechanics unions, which had already reached a boiling point, when in May 2019, the company filed a lawsuit against the unions claiming that their members purposefully slowed down work causing flight disruptions. The unions have denied the allegations.

illegal operations

  • subsequently – następnie
  • sabotage attempt was discovered – próba sabotażu została ujawniona

Due to Alani’s illegal operations error was caused as the pilots powered up the plane’s engines on the runway on July 17. The 737 was returned to the apron at MIA and passengers were accommodated on a replacement aircraft for the flight. Subsequently, the 737 was taken out of service for maintenance inspections and it was then that the sabotage attempt was discovered.

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