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ICAO4U – aviation language Japan Airlines to Transfer 3000 Employees to Subsidiary Companies. Test Category: Aviation Market

Japan Airlines to Transfer 3000 Employees to Subsidiary Companies. Test Category: Aviation Market


  • transfer employeesmove employees to i.e. new company, unit
  • non-aviation business areasactivity not directly connected with aviation
  • give upresign
  • focus on … concentrate on …
  • withdrawretreat / move out

Japan Airlines will transfer 10% of its emploees to subsidiary airlines and non-aviation business areas. The airline had over 35 thoussand employees on the job contract at the end of the first quarter of 2022. The company wants to focus on the toursim market and charter service. Japan Airlines says it needs to withdraw from the flight services addressed to corporate businesses.

  • overnightimmediately
  • affect aviation industryhave influence on the aviation branch / market
  • worldwidehappening in the whole world

The employees may be transferred to low-cost subsidiary airlines (i.e. Zipair Tokyo), e-commerce sectors, airport shopping, insurance. The move won’t happen overninght. According to the Japaneses Airlines statement the move ma take up to three years. The reason behind the decision is the mix of factors which affect aviation industry. Some of them are worldwide, some are characteristic to Japanese aviation market situation.

  • domestic happening within the country/ opposite to ‘international’
  • recovercome back / get healthy
  • capacity here: total number / full possible amount

There is also the view that the Japanese domestic aviation market may recover faster than the international or corporate business flight sectors. This is where the Japanese Airlines sees it short- to medium term growth. Japanese Airlines predicts that it will return to its pre-pandemic capacity by March 2023.

However, the international capacity will only be 50% of the prepandemic capacity by then.


  • 0:16′ piles of lost luggagehuge amounts of stranded bags
  • 0:50′ take matters into one’s own handsstart acting oneself
  • 1:20′ never made it to … never reached the destination
  • 2:27′ reroute the flightschange the route of the flights
  • 3:50′ primarilyfirst of all, mostly

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