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ICAO4U – aviation language Polish ATC Pay and Working Conditions Dispute.

Polish ATC Pay and Working Conditions Dispute.


Żródła:, bloomberg, euronews, cnbc

  • issue the statement
  • resolve dispute
  • prevent mass flight cancellations

On April 28 Poland’s air navigation agency PANSA issued the statement in which it confirmed that the dispute with controllers had been resolved and thus prevented mass flight cancellations.

  • sign the agreement
  • ensure continuity

” The management of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency and the representatives of the Air Traffic Controllers trade union have signed the agreement which will ensure continuity of the air traffic service in Poland and the passengers will carry out their trips as planned. The agreement is valid until July 10 this years […]”.

  • threaten to quit
  • dispute over salary and working conditions

The majority of air traffic controllers were threatening to quit after a long dispute over salary and working conditions.

“Poland’s dispute over working conditions for air traffic control staff threatens to disrupt more than 600 flights a day. It is possible that only flights from and to key destinations will be handled“.

  • further information regarding level of disruptions
  • failure to reach an agreement

Further information regarding level of disruptions will likely be announced once the outcome of negotiations becomes clear. A failure to reach an agreement might lead to disruptions and crowding at airports, particularly given higher number of passengers due to holiday traffic in the next months.

  • experience staffing problems – doświadczyć/ mieć problemy z zapewnieniem personelu
  • capacity issues – tutaj: problemy z wydolnością
  • impact on availability

The main Polish airports may experience staffing problems leading to capacity issues. This may lead to flight cancellations at the airport, as well as impact on availability of en-route alternates.

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