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ICAO4U – aviation language Emergency Landing in Barcelona/ Smoke in the Cabin (Level 4)

Emergency Landing in Barcelona/ Smoke in the Cabin (Level 4)

  • force to make emergency landing
  • the cabin filled with smoke
  • cover nose and mouths
  • keep head low
  • emergency slides
  • windy conditions

Vueling A320neo was forced to make an emergency landing on Friday 13th September when the cabin filled with smoke. Passengers had to cover their noses and mouths and to keep their heads low. The aircraft landed safely at Barcelona El Prat Airport,  the passengers were evacuated using the emergency slides, a task made even more difficult due to the windy conditions at the airport.

  • the closest and most convenient airport
  • taxi to a remote stand 

A320neo, registered EC-NCU, was on route from Malaga to Barcelona on September 13th when crew reported the cabin was filling with smoke. As Barcelona was the closest and most convenient airport, the aircraft continued its journey, radioing ahead for an emergency landing.

The aircraft landed safely on runway 25L, where it taxied to a remote stand and evacuated using the slides. By then, the cabin had been filling with smoke for around 20 minutes, and the Daily Mail  says some passengers were having panic attacks.

The aircraft has not been used again since the incident. It is still showing as being on the ground in Barcelona, although it is scheduled on a service tomorrow to Madrid.

  • statement in regard to the event
  • detect smoke
  • in accordance with safety procedures 
  • relevant authorities
  • determine the cause
  • the safety of the passengers and the crew is the highest priority 

Vueling statement in regards to the event,

“In the early hours of Saturday September 14th , flight VY2118 from Malaga landed in Barcelona following standard procedures after requesting priority to do so.

“Upon landing, after detecting smoke in the cabin and in accordance with safety procedures, the crew ordered the evacuation of the aircraft via slides, whereby all customers and crew were safely evacuated.

“Vueling is working with the relevant authorities to determine the cause. At Vueling, the safety of our customers and crew is our highest priority.”

  • the message to leave the luggage
  • get through to … 
  • reduced mobility
  • exit the plane 

While the crew did a great job of stopping the passengers to take  bags on the slides , therefore saving the slides from damage, it seems the message to leave luggage behind is still not getting through to people.

Piles of abandoned bags strewn around the cabin is almost worse than people taking them off with them. Should someone with reduced mobility or perhaps a small child be in the queue behind, it’s possible they could not exit the plane. In this case, there was no danger to life from the smoke, but these passengers did not know that. As we’ve seen before, anything which slows down an evacuation could have fatal consequences

Inspired by: Daily Mail/ Aviation Herald.